The Promise of This Course

  • Blaze a Career Path that Inspires You and Showcases Your Strengths

  • Ignite Your Life's Calling to Restore Purpose and Meaning to Your Career

  • Connect with Your Connectors to Break Through the Barriers to Advancement

  • Find the Fuel that Obliterates Obstacles and Supercharges Your Commitment


Ron Gilliland is the Founder of Conscious Profit Institute with a persistent mission to Grow the Good for a More Conscious and Caring World. As the Founder of The Conscious Profit, Ron’s coaching style draws on many methodologies, fields of study, and areas of research. Ron is expanding his one-on-one work to a global audience through coursework and the Conscious Profit Institute. Certified in the Co-Active coaching model, he has logged more than 25,000 coaching hours to date. He holds a bachelor’s degree in integral studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies and studied counseling psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Ron Gilliland, CPCC

Senior Instructor

Client Reviews

“Ron is one of the most thoughtful, compassionate, and gifted individuals I’ve ever known. His passion for helping people become more successful in life and business runs deep and a source of inspiration for me personally. He’s spent a full career researching and providing guidance on core strategies that can significantly improve the human, ecological, and business aspects of our world. Ron’s expertise in Radical Potential and Collaborative Learning has the potential to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. ”

AI & Machine Learning Platform | Growth Force at Entefy - Palo Alto, California

Mehdi Ghafourifar

“This year I found myself embarking on a significant career change (in the middle of a pandemic), and in need of some guidance and direction. After working with Ron I started reapplying for positions that spoke to me and I went from a 5% response rate to an 80% response rate with the new resume and confidence! In less than 30 days I received two different job offers, and had to decline numerous invitations to interview! I even beat out hundreds of applicants for a sought after position with a reputable non-profit. I ended up accepting an amazing position with one of my top picks. Working with Ron also inspired me to create a 10 year plan AND start a side business I’ve always wanted to do but lacked the confidence to pull the trigger. I’m so grateful for Ron’s help during this challenging time in my career. He not only provided a solid service that produced results beyond my expectations, but he compassionately guided me through some tear filled sessions and helped me find my self esteem and confidence again. I would 100% work with Ron again and highly recommend him! Thanks Ron!!!!”

Inspiring and Realizing the Potential of the World | Heart-Centered Grant Specialist | Creative Freelance Writer | Innovative Commercial Real Estate Project Manager

Carmen Dev

“Ron, I want to share the great feedback I received on my new resume. The first potential employer I spoke with loved my resume because it wasn't "full of bullshit." Later responses from others were much the same. I consistently hit it out of the park during interviews. The confidence boost from knowing I have an effective, professional resume, combined with your expert guidance, made all the difference! I landed a career-advancing position within a week of receiving my new resume. Choosing you as my career coach was the best decision I've made in a long, long time. Thank you! ”

VP Preconstruction at Baldwin General Contracting

Rich Refvem

“I had the honor of having Ron as my coach for several years. Ron is gifted with a unique combination of compassion, kindness, presence, and genuine appreciation for his clients' individual experiences. You can feel he is holding you in his heart and that he is in your corner to support you in bringing forth your true brave self. Our sessions always left me with more clarity, motivation, and confidence in my capacity to bring more meaning to my work and life. Ron is one of the most beautiful souls I've ever met and the most talented coaches I've ever worked with.”

Conscious Leadership Development Coach

Simone Elizabeth Writer M.A., P.C.C.

“Ron is a very compassionate coach who is willing to put extra time to listen and understand his clients. He is always available and easily accessible whenever his clients need to approach him for guidance. His approach to handling human relationships and challenging situation is worthy of emulation. He also utilizes a wide variety of technical resources to provide the best experience to the clients. Whether it is writing a resume or updating a Linkedin profile, he always compares his work against the appropriate software and relentlessly tries until the final product exceeds the expectation. ”

Healthcare manager, leader, inspirer, innovator, and passionate about improving patients outcomes!

Parixit Modi

“I worked with Ron for 13 years as he provided leadership coaching to employees across all functions and levels of our organization. Ron's coaching skill and approach are unparalleled. He has the unique ability to get to the heart of the matter. Ron's leadership coaching transformed countless individuals while also making a great impact across the organization. Employees who worked with Ron were more connected to their professional path, more motivated and had higher levels of satisfaction. If you are a career professional or entrepreneur looking to take your impact to the next level, Ron will support you to connect those dots and he will do it in a way that will make your work more meaningful. ”

VP Solutions, InsideTrack

Meaghan Joyce

“I've worked with Ron for many years and he was a valuable coach for me when I was trying to formulate and drive ideas to improve our company. He always provided great questions and space to help me really think through what I was really trying to accomplish, what I needed to do based on that vision and where I could find support and accountability. Additionally, Ron is just a great person and his open and caring nature shines through in his coaching. I hope others continue to work with Ron and bring their ideas and goals to life.”

Sr. Manager, Continuous Improvement and Voice of the Employee at Salesforce

Chris Jenkins

“Ron was my coach and mentor for several years as I learned how to become a coach, and a better manager. Ron is thoughtful, kind, and he listens carefully to the meaning behind your words. I've found that transformational self-development can uncover deeply held beliefs about your self-worth and change requires vulnerability - Ron offers a safe space to explore, discover, and change. I emerged from his coaching braver, more confident, and with skills that I continue to use today. ”

Director of Partner Development at InsideTrack

Mo McKenna

“Meeting Ron for the first time left me thinking how wonderful it would have been to have met him many years earlier. Ron is truly engaging - he listens attentively to design challenges, inquires authentically to help coach out more information, and applies an empathetic lens to help locate solution elements that can further be explored, narrowed, and implemented. He has never been short of valuable and unique insights and I am always excited to meet when the opportunities present themselves. Thank you, Ron!”